A couple of new ads from Mischa’s Smacky Glam campaign have been uploaded to the gallery. Big thanks to Marie for finding them!

In some Virgin Territory news, the film opens theatrically in Italy today! Thanks to Chiara for the tip. And check out the Italian official site here. Also, BlueCrushFan has sent in a photo of the US Virgin Territory on the shelf at Target. You’ll be able to find Virgin Territory for $16.99 at Target, $2 cheaper than Amazon. Thanks to BlueCrushFan.

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  1. ah

    nooo why’d they use that cover?! It’s so horribly photoshopped!

    I went to Target yesterday :D but I didn’t know they sold it…

  2. Juliana

    Loved these two shots! And I miss Mischa:( Hopefully she’s working on some upcoming movie, right?

    Anyway, I’ll take this moment to congratulate you, Sam, on the great and very professional work you’ve been doing on this website!



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