Krista in Lafayette Hill, Pa.: Is it true that the CW has decided to air the rest of the episodes of The Beautiful Life later this season? If for some miracle the ratings increased would they bring it back full time?

A representative for the CW tells us, “The status of unaired eps of The Beautiful Life is still to be determined.” My rock-solid source who knows about such things tells me: No truth whatsoever. Sorry, Mischa!

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  1. kiki

    Hee, I don’t know if you know,
    but there’s a intervieuw from mischa with alexa chung! so would you put that up?

  2. Sam

    The Alexa Chung interview was posted back when it first aired. I believe its on page 6 or 7 if you check the updates history below.

  3. Intelectual

    Интересно,сколько нужно денег,чтобы понять,что не в них счастье??


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