Photos of Mischa at the announcement of the Steel Magnolias production at the Gaiety Theatre in Dublin have been added. She looks absolutely stunning!

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  1. Paul

    NO WIND, without words, nothing
    You are a miracle, the most beautiful woman in the world
    Thanks to exist MISCHA

  2. Olly

    WOW!!! Misch is amazing,it’s true!
    As good as she’s looked anytime,anywhere this decade:
    1) lovely bird patterned blue dress that really suits her.
    2) her figure is in perfect fit shape
    3) her glowing still youthful skin is absolutely flawless here.Breathtaking beauty!

    #GoMischa! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3* *MischaOnTopAgain!* *<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 #SweetMischRulesOK

    The ignorant Daily Mail snidey bitches,who have called her 'gaunt' in the past, have no excuse whatsoever here unless they are wantonly mad,blind or both.
    So glad she's gonna be a couple of months with this play in straight- forward,down-to-earth,friendly Dublin instead of humiliating herself with pretentious tossers like Tyler Sheilds back in the shallow LA trendy whirl.

    (Madge is looking pretty damn trim for her age 'n' all. Harold,how've you let her out of your clutches?)


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