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Styled by June Screencaps

Screen captures of Mischa from the premiere episode of VH1’s Styled by June have been added. I know many international Mischa fans are waiting for video of the show, but I’ve unfortunately been unable to come up with one. Hopefully an unrestricted version will surface soon.

Meanwhile, US fans can still download Mischa’s episode for free on both iTunes and Amazon Instant Video.

4 Responses

yassora Says:

thankssssss so much sam
and i hope Mischa’s episode will upload soon :(

Jayme Says:

Is there any way you can link me to the free downloads of Mischa on Styled by June? Thanks.

Sam Says:

This is the iTunes link:

And Amazon Instant Video:

But like the VH1 video, they’ll only work for US customers.

Paul Says:

A big thank you SAM, for the images

You’re a wonderful girl,
I adore you MISCHA

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