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Fearne and Mischa Stills

Promotional stills from Mischa’s episode of “Fearne And…” have been added. The shots are pretty much just candids and they’re obviously quite late but better late than never 😉 Big thanks to Michele from for sending them in.

Fearne and Mischa Barton – The Caps

Here are the screen captures from the Fearne And Mischa Barton show.

She looked really beautiful throughout the whole thing!

Fearne and Mischa Barton – The Videos

Here is Mischa’s appearance on “Fearne And…” which aired last night on ITV2 in the UK.

[Part 3] [Part 4]

Mischa was a trending topic on Twitter in the UK while this aired and a lot of people had strong opinions on the show. Some people thought Mischa was  snobby/a diva while others had some kinder opinions. IMO, it was a pretty fun segment, but we didn’t really learn anything new. I think a 10 minute sit down interview with some more complex questioning would have been a better option over having Fearne just run around following Mischa. Especially since Fearne was complaining about the long delays, lol.

I can only speak for myself in saying this, but I’m a fan of Mischa because she’s not who you expect her to be. On face value, you’d assume that such a beauty would fit into that California Girl lifestyle to a tee. But instead she’s this eclectic mix of New York, London and LA so you never really know which influence is going to come out more on any given day. The press would be much easier on Mischa if she were just a run of the mill California actress, but its the quirks and the imperfections that make Mischa interesting. There’s a story and there’s a journey with Mischa that you just don’t get with many other stars.