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Mischa & Maude

It’s been a while since the last set of candids (well, only 6 days but that seems like a lifetime for Mischa fans) but now we’re back in business. Photos of Mischa at a gas station filling up her car in West Hollywood have been added.

She’s looking very put together in these pics but I do hope she goes back to a more Marissa-blonde in the near future. That said, this platinum blonde looks great in editorial work so maybe she should keep it. Thoughts?


And another set of candids from the same day. Not quite as put together in this set and also not in the mood to have her picture taken. I’m not sure if these were taken before or after the above photos, but the top set looks like Mischa after a salon visit so I’d say these came before.

Hollywood Candids

Two sets of candids have been added to the gallery:
Mischa enjoys a dessert at Sweet Lady Jane’s in West Hollywood – Jun 15
Mischa stops at a gas station – Jun 16

1 Fan, 2 Cops and a Homeless Guy

Candids of Mischa stopping at a gas station to fill up her car and to get some coffee have been added. You’ll also notice a lot of other interesting stuff going on here, lol. There are a couple of shots of Mischa signing an autograph for a young girl. Mischa giving some money to a homeless guy who seems to be wearing his hospital gear. Then there is the random guy who is helping her fill the car with petrol. And finally, 2 police officers seem to walk with Mischa back to her car for no apparent reason. Hilarious!