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Another Day. Another Maude Hiccup.

Candids of Mischa with DJ Ali stopping at a gas station have been added. Mischa is once again hit with some car troubles. Its become such a regular paparazzi spectacle that I’m beginning to think Maude has a mind of its own and enjoys breaking down in front of the flashing cameras.

As an aside, “Apartment 1303″ has been added to Mischa’s IMDb page.

Flat Tire

Maude strikes again. This time Mischa is stuck with a flat tire in LA.


Candids in LA

Mischa was again spotted driving around LA in Maude. Click here to view.

LA Candids

A few photos of Mischa driving around LA in Maude have been added.

Maude Returns

Candids of Mischa filling up her car at a self car wash in Los Angeles have been added. She looks beautiful! The caption of these photos also said that Mischa was still working on her reality pilot for the Oxygen network. No idea how accurate those details are but thought I’d mention that just in case we get some more info soon.

Mischa & Maude

It’s been a while since the last set of candids (well, only 6 days but that seems like a lifetime for Mischa fans) but now we’re back in business. Photos of Mischa at a gas station filling up her car in West Hollywood have been added.

She’s looking very put together in these pics but I do hope she goes back to a more Marissa-blonde in the near future. That said, this platinum blonde looks great in editorial work so maybe she should keep it. Thoughts?


And another set of candids from the same day. Not quite as put together in this set and also not in the mood to have her picture taken. I’m not sure if these were taken before or after the above photos, but the top set looks like Mischa after a salon visit so I’d say these came before.

Mischa spotted in Hollywood

A few candids of Mischa in her car out in Hollywood have been added. She’s throwing a bit of a dagger at the photographer in the final image, lol!

Mischa Driving

Somehow how I missed this set when they first surfaced, so here is a belated update featuring some shots of Mischa driving in West Hollywood from June 24th. Some of the facial expressions are priceless, lol.

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