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Love is in the air

Candids of Mischa and DJ Ali Love enjoying a night out in Milan have been added.

Night Out in Milan

Sorry these candids are late, I had some trouble locating the full set. Anyway, here is Mischa enjoying a night out in Milan.

Jewelry Candids

Mischa seems to have been followed by a camera everywhere she went on her shopping trip in Milan; no doubt to give some endorsement to the places she was visiting. So following trend, candids of Mischa at the jewelry Pisa in Milan with her bodyguard and press office have been added.

Also added an additional 62 shots from Mischa’s shopping trip with thanks to the awesome Criss.

Out and about in Milan

Mischa continues to look amazing in Milan where she was spotted out and about twice:
Mischa photographed out and about in Milan – Mar 04
Mischa seen shopping around Milan – Mar 04

She’s also sporting one of the handbags from her own collection again! 😀

Milan Studio Candids

Candids of Mischa seen out before her appearance on Chiambretti Night in Milan have been uploaded. The candids feature Mischa in a second outfit as well.

Mischa on Chiambretti Night

Stills of Mischa from what I assume is a talk show called Chiambretti Night in Milan have been uploaded. She looks amazinggg!! Big thanks to Criss for supplying us with some of these pictures.

I hope everyone enjoyed Mischa’s role in Law & Order: SVU, I know I did 😀 I’ll try to get media up asap.

Update: Check out some videos from Mischa’s appearance on Chiambretti Night. She has a translator feeding her the questions in her ear and then another translator speaking on top of her when giving the answers.

Other videos: