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LA Candids

Candids of Mischa out and about in LA where she stopped by a few different places have been added.

Love Hurts?

Another new set of candids. This time Mischa is spotted heading to a Starbucks in Beverly Hills. The most interesting thing about these pictures is that there is a message written on Mischa’s t-shirt. You can’t see clearly because in most shots her hair is covering the front, but I’m pretty sure the t-shirt says “love hurts.” So I guess we can assume from the message that Mischa’s relationship with DJ Ali is indeed over.

Mischa at Starbucks

A few shots of Mischa making a quick stop at a Starbucks located in West LA have been added.


Mischa visits Starbucks

Candids of Mischa out at a Starbucks in Los Angeles have been added. This unfortunately isn’t the most flattering outfit she’s ever worn.