Great news! :D Mischa appears on the cover of Tatler magazine for January 2011. The cover is stunning and by the looks of it, the rest of the shoot is just as awesome.

And here are the two released preview photos:

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  1. Tomm

    wowww GREAT WAY TO STart a new year, hope 2011 become the year for a great comeback for mischa, she looks really good in those pictures

  2. Dylan

    The article that goes along with this is unreal. She once again blames her wisdom teeth for all her problems. Yes, I’m sure she had a lot of problems but her story is not very believeable. And the police were called to her house as well. At least she’s looking good and getting her lie….I mean story, out.

  3. ij

    It can’t be easy having your every action or mistake etc reported in the media – think of all the stupid mistakes you make when you are young – I think the kind of scrutiny and criticism she has had to face would make anyone a bit stressed out…

  4. Sam

    I’ve been searching for them in HQ but have not been able to locate them. The best I can do for now are the full size scans which I’m uploading now.


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