Photographer Tyler Shields has a new book coming out in November called The Dirty Side of Glamour and Mischa’s going to be featured. The Huffington Post shared some photos from the spread. We’ve already seen two of the shots as they were used by GQ magazine a while ago, but featured below are the two previously unreleased photos. You can check out the pics used by GQ magazine here.

Dirty Side of Glamour
Dirty Side of Glamour

And let’s not forgot Mischa’s other work with Tyler Shields including the controversial raw meat shoot and the Mr. Panda shoot.

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  1. Olly

    Oh dear. As I might have mentioned occasionally a few times on here, I foo king loathe silver spoon two bob meretricious Tyler Shields. Mischa demeans herself and her gender in his pics. Oh and another recent collaborator is the one-note deeply untalented Vinnie Jones. Ah well at least she seems to be getting loads of work at the mo..nuts to my prejudices.. #GoMischaGo!


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