Chris Saul, cinematographer of one of Mischa’s upcoming films, The Misadventures of Ben Banks, has added a bunch of promotional material for the movie on his website. Most significantly is a trailer to showcase the cinematography of the movie (so there is no dialogue) but it does represent the first ever vision we’ve seen of the movie. And if this sample is anything to go by, it’s clear that the film is shot absolutely beautifully. Check out the video below.

feature from Chris Saul on Vimeo.

I’ve also added captures from the trailer which you can view in the gallery.

Additionally, some extra behind-the-scenes have been added.

And finally, some promotional stills. All thanks to Chris Saul’s website.

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  1. chrisea34

    This just prooves how gorgeous she is ! Paparrazzi pictures tend to make her look old when she’s so fresh and a talented actress. Just shoot her properly, and you’ll have the great Mischa ! Love her in the trailer, especialy with the fun hairdo at some gallery. I’m falling in love with her again ;-)

  2. ij

    Just seen St Trinians over here in the uk. What a waste of Mischa barton, you would think they could have given her more to do than that – a better part. The Banks film looks beautiful….


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