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Tumblr Plug: F*** Yeah Mischa Barton

I’m not that familiar with Tumblr but it seems to be becoming more and more the hot thing at the moment. So with that said, I was delighted to see an amazing Tumblr page up and running for Mischa. It’s a bunch of fun featuring both current and vintage Mischa pictures and graphics. Definitely a great spot for Mischa fans! Visit: F*** Yeah Mischa Barton.

In some mischa-b site news, I was hoping to have the new layout up and running by now but there seems to be a bit of a delay with that. Hopefully soon. And I’ll also be adding screen captures from Mischa’s stint on Once & Again. I was initially going to wait for the DVD release but that is taking forever to come out. So I guess original recordings will have to do for now. Video clips will also be added.

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