It’s official! The best thing to happen ever is Mischa joining Twitter. How else would we be getting these awesome previews of upcoming photoshoots. Check out the latest previews Mischa shared (Follow @MischAmazing) of an upcoming shoot for Twelv Magazine.

On photo shoot for Twelv Magazine!

Obsessed with this Louis Vuitton. Brilliant

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  1. Chris K

    I’m loving the photoshoot previews !!! All those shoots coming right on time for a summer change of layout ? ;-) Oh Sam please have a design contest to see if you can find a layout that you like before asking websites !!!

  2. Sam

    I don’t know if anyone would enter a design contest, but the new shoots definitely signify time for a layout change. Just have to wait for some HQ shots to surface.

  3. Chris K

    I definitively would ! ^^ I’ve waited for 5 years !!! But i understand ;-)

  4. Luca

    I see a nip slip on the second pic, on purpose or she loooves to show her nipples?


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