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Twelv Magazine Preview

It’s official! The best thing to happen ever is Mischa joining Twitter. How else would we be getting these awesome previews of upcoming photoshoots. Check out the latest previews Mischa shared (Follow @MischAmazing) of an upcoming shoot for Twelv Magazine.

On photo shoot for Twelv Magazine!

Obsessed with this Louis Vuitton. Brilliant

4 Responses

Chris K Says:

I’m loving the photoshoot previews !!! All those shoots coming right on time for a summer change of layout ? 😉 Oh Sam please have a design contest to see if you can find a layout that you like before asking websites !!!

Sam Says:

I don’t know if anyone would enter a design contest, but the new shoots definitely signify time for a layout change. Just have to wait for some HQ shots to surface.

Chris K Says:

I definitively would ! ^^ I’ve waited for 5 years !!! But i understand 😉

Luca Says:

I see a nip slip on the second pic, on purpose or she loooves to show her nipples?

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