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Us Weekly: 25 Things You Don’t Know About Me

Mischa Barton is Sophia Monet in the new movie I Will Follow You Into the Dark, which is in theaters now. Here, the O.C. alum, 27, gets personal with Us!
Source: Us Weekly

1. I was born in London’s Hammersmith Hospital. When I filmed Notting Hill, Hugh Grant told me he was born there too!
2. I enjoy writing in my journal.
3. I was very competitive in spelling bees in school. I love an extensive vocabulary.
4. As a toddler, I moved between Switzerland, Germany, and England.
5. I recently lived in Paris for a year.
6. I wear glasses.
7. One of my favorite places to vacation is the Maldives, where you can get a little house on the water.
8. My first dog was a sheepdog named Pandora.

9. I ride horses.
10. I’m friends with and a fan of Marilyn Manson.
11. If I’m ever in a funk, I just put on a Woody Allen film.
12. I’m obsessed with R&B and rap.
13. In fact, the Beastie Boys gave me my nickname – it’s “Baby Dragon.”
14. I go to comedy nights constantly.
15. I have absolutely no tattoos or piercings. Even my ears aren’t pierced!
16. I like helping friends in the recording studio. I’m in the background playing tambourine!
17. I want to get my pilot’s license.
18. I still had my English accent until I was about 7 years old.
19. My dad’s a wonderful cook; I get my love of cookbooks from him.
20. I learned to drive a car while on a film set in Kentucky when I was just a kid.
21. My first car was an electric-blue and white 1970 Cadillac Coupe de Ville convertible.
22. I’m reading Anna Karenina.
23. My mum wanted me to have an adventurous first name (Mischa) with a classic Catholic middle name (Anna).
24. I go to Earthbar daily for a cayenne, lemon and oregano drink. It burns and I love it!
25. I’m very private. I like the mystery in people’s lives, not what they show others.

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