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Us Weekly: 25 Things You Don’t Know About Me

Mischa Barton is Sophia Monet in the new movie I Will Follow You Into the Dark, which is in theaters now. Here, the O.C. alum, 27, gets personal with Us!
Source: Us Weekly

1. I was born in London’s Hammersmith Hospital. When I filmed Notting Hill, Hugh Grant told me he was born there too!
2. I enjoy writing in my journal.
3. I was very competitive in spelling bees in school. I love an extensive vocabulary.
4. As a toddler, I moved between Switzerland, Germany, and England.
5. I recently lived in Paris for a year.
6. I wear glasses.
7. One of my favorite places to vacation is the Maldives, where you can get a little house on the water.
8. My first dog was a sheepdog named Pandora.

9. I ride horses.
10. I’m friends with and a fan of Marilyn Manson.
11. If I’m ever in a funk, I just put on a Woody Allen film.
12. I’m obsessed with R&B and rap.
13. In fact, the Beastie Boys gave me my nickname – it’s “Baby Dragon.”
14. I go to comedy nights constantly.
15. I have absolutely no tattoos or piercings. Even my ears aren’t pierced!
16. I like helping friends in the recording studio. I’m in the background playing tambourine!
17. I want to get my pilot’s license.
18. I still had my English accent until I was about 7 years old.
19. My dad’s a wonderful cook; I get my love of cookbooks from him.
20. I learned to drive a car while on a film set in Kentucky when I was just a kid.
21. My first car was an electric-blue and white 1970 Cadillac Coupe de Ville convertible.
22. I’m reading Anna Karenina.
23. My mum wanted me to have an adventurous first name (Mischa) with a classic Catholic middle name (Anna).
24. I go to Earthbar daily for a cayenne, lemon and oregano drink. It burns and I love it!
25. I’m very private. I like the mystery in people’s lives, not what they show others.

5 Responses

ij Says:

12. Obsessed with r and b and rap? I remember in the Fearne Cotton two faced hatchet job/knife in the back interview that Mischa said she could never go out with a guy who liked rap music. Is she making things up…

N Says:

I love Mischa in “Notting Hill” she ‘s so cute ! I hope to see one day in a movie like “Love Actually”, “Notting Hill” or something like that (a real British Comedy)

pardeep Says:

huge fan of urs…want ur autograph …love you

paul Says:

Many things I knew, I know almost everything about mischa

Diana Says:

She doesn’t have pierced ears? Then how come she’s wearing pierced earrings on the cover of Twelv magazine? She wouldn’t be able to wear those unless her ears were pierced, would she??

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