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Valentine Romance Oscar ‘Sneak Peak’ Suite & Party

It took what felt like a lifetime to find a way to get these pictures, but finally… Photos of Mischa at the Third Annual Valentine Romance ‘Sneak Peek’ Oscar Suite & Party have now been added. This is the event that was on held on February 8th.

9 Responses

ij Says:

I think she looks really beautiful here and happier…

vera Says:

still checking this site everyday 😀 … and so happy to see new photos!!

i adore Mischa – such a pretty girl!!!

I love your site SAM!!! 😀

best wishes from Austria!!!

Caleb Says:

She looks okay, but she’s really not aging well (probably due to drugs). Does she have any plans to do any acting?

Piero Says:

Finally, news updates, I miss you to death
when you are without makeup you are fantastic
you have a beautiful face,
I wish one day I meet you, praise you, make you a nice gift
thanks again and thanks to exist in and SAM


Audrey Says:

I love your website so much !
Mischa is so beautiful ! 😀

ij Says:

I don’t think she is ageing badly – maybe she just looks slightly more mature…

Kimm Says:

She kind of looks tired and her front teeth are discolored. Did she have her wisdom teeth taken out again? I guess she’s willing to be seen like that since she’s getting free stuff.

ij Says:

I saw a bit about this event on E news and it said it was a charitable event where celebs bought some stuff and the money went to charity. The companies also get the celebs sort of endorsing their products and some exposure….I think her teeth look “normal” actually i.e not unnaturally super whitenened to the extent that you need sunglasses to look at them…

Luke Says:

she looks a little butch. maybe it’s her taste in clothes or lack of makeup… she used to have such great style :(

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