Candids of Mischa on a video shoot for Noel Gallagher in LA have been added. This is what Mischa had to say about the shoot on Twitter:

Doing Noel Gallagher’s video today. Was so excited i barely slept and he didn’t dissapoint !

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  1. yassora

    omg mischa look beautifullllllll
    i’m very happy to see MIscha with Cameron Van Hoy together again,I remember the movie (pups 1999) was wonderful!!

  2. Olly

    Look I’m no fashionista and for my sins I’m hetero but for the love of all that is holy:

    Giant Bridget Jones leopardskin safety knickers under pink(!) denim cut-off jeans????????????

    AAAAAAAAAAAaaagghh!!!!!!!!!!!!!Noooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!Worse than white socks in sandals..*d’oh!*

    SACK THE STYLIST NOW ..obvious egregious taste and colour blindness – sorry got to go.

  3. Olly

    Calm down Olly, it’s only acting you numpty *d’oh!*…
    ….the Misch character was meant to look horrendous..look at the vid cameraman smiling at Mischa’s mock panic and embarassed mortification performance..
    Hmmmm… post Oasis Noel’s solo stuff ain’t been selling buckets…hmmmmmm

  4. Olly

    Sam,why not remove Been Munching’s pointless comment?
    I bet the poster troll him/herself is a gross unwashed 20 stone.

  5. ij

    She looks great, really happy …but whenever I see photos of her in her knickers she’s always wearing those big knickers, you know higher up to the waist – i prefer the skimpier ones, more low cut – i wonder if she’s got a bit of a 1970′s thing going on down there? Funny what you wonder about….

  6. Sam

    I’m sure you’re right, Olly.

    I try not to remove comments, even from haters, unless they’re truly heinous. A stupid opinion is still an opinion after all. However, I don’t understand why haters bother visiting fansites in the first place. Seems goofy to me.

  7. ij

    Do you think that “Michas been munching” is a pseudonym for one of those women who used to come on here and say a lot of nasty things? A pseudonym for a pseudonym probably – i can’t remember their names but you know who I mean. Actually, i want to apologize for my comment above – it was a bit below the belt – oh that’s just really bad…


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