Pretty sure I haven’t added these photos yet, so here is Mischa from August 2006 at a Teen Vogue party to raise awareness for global warming. This is back when Mischa and Rachel Zoe were still close. And a belated Happy New Year to all the visitors!

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  1. lauren

    wow mischa looks amazing and stunning as always i love her dress the colour suits her and i like her belt around her drees it looks nice i like her hair like that where shes got it so much up and so much down and it strightend i love her make up like that she looks happy in these pictures and i love her shoes and her jewelley

  2. David H

    hi Mischa!

    you seem to be a really, really great girl! how did u like the indian food? to strong? i like it but its strong and a lot of water in it. at least in my hometown in swedens india restaurant!

    do you have a boyfriend?


    David H


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