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W Korea 2006 Scans

I finally got my hands on a copy of Mischa’s cover from W Korea December 2006 so scans of the spread have been added to the gallery. It turns out the magazine is over-sized and the paper quality is only a little better than a newspaper, so unfortunately I couldn’t get a great scan result. But nevertheless, I’m happy to finally have the full spread.

The photos I had up of the spread in the ‘magazine scans’ section originally have now been moved to the ‘photoshoots’ section. The photos are essentially the same, I just wanted to differentiate between actual scans and photo previews/outtakes.

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Olly Says:

Great to have something new to view,Sam.It’s been a long 6 days.I was wondering if a) Mischa was filming on a closed set in Ulan Bator or b) she had had an epiphany,given up the vapid superficial celebrity lifestyle and entered as a novice a Swiss silent convent .
BTW can you or a knowledgable peruser of this site,recommend a 100% safe quality many-pictured Mischa screensaver? (Unhappy – for various reasons – with the ones I’ve seen so far.)

ij Says:

I think it is really healthy to have a break for a while from all that media/paparazzi intrusion though.

Caleb Says:

Wish she would go back to this look. Stunning

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