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West Hollywood Gifting Suite

Finally, some new candids of Mischa! Photos of Mischa leaving a gifting suite in West Hollywood have been uploaded. *UPDATED*

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Piero Says:

Hello Beloved Mischa
whenever I feel bad when I do not have your news
my happiness is mu family and YOU.

I have to thank so much this site, you are wonderful


Olly Says:

Is this ‘gifting suite’ Mischa’s attending like that Soprano’s episode where to Christopher’s astonishment Sir Ben Kingsley gets his free choice of high-end goods – Rolex,Moet&Chandon etcetera – just for being a celebrity?
Mischa looks nicest in photo 7…lovely profile,elegant hair-up-do.

Caleb Says:

I wonder when and if she’s going to be filming anything anytime soon. Really hope she does.

Dee Says:

I always love how people who have nothing to do with the grammys or music- except for sleeping with musicians- always show up at the Grammy gifting suites just to get free stuff. It’s like reality stars going to gifting suites at the Golden Globes. It’s awesome being a celebrity.

ij Says:

You would do it too…

ij Says:

To be honest I find the bizarre, unpleasant and unjustified criticism M Barton gets to be really offensive and sick. Especially the really personal stuff about weight and depression issues. I think it is very irresponsible and pathetic.

Sam Says:

Um, Dee. If you’re going to talk absolute crap then at least wax on with correct information. This gifting suite was not associated with the Grammy’s. It was an invitation-only Valentine’s Day party held as a sneak peak for the Oscar red carpet.

It was also BTW linked to LoveCuresCancer where the celebrities brought along stuffed animals and other toys which were delivered to the LA Children’s Hospital in time for V-Day.

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