Here is the Russian trailer for You and I. It has unfortunately been dubbed into Russian although you can follow the essential storyline just from the visuals. Thanks to both briaan and IanaLouise for the tip!

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  1. Olly

    Happy Christmas Sam,Janine & Natasha and thanks for all your hard work in running an excellent site
    A Very Merry Xmas to Mischa too,of course,and here’s hoping she enjoys A Very Prosperous New Year as well.

  2. ij

    yeah, Merry xmas everyone who uses the site and to Mischa. I haven’t watched the trailer but i have read a story that Mischas character gets into some girl on girl activities in the film……..

  3. ij

    must apologise for the comment previously – i do not know what i was thinking – merry xmas


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