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You and I: Soft Opening in Russia

Despite its world premiere launch in Moscow, You and I failed to garner any significant attention at the Russian box office over its opening weekend. The film came in 7th position accumulating an opening gross of $411,263 or an average of just $827 per screen.

This wouldn’t be so bad if the movie was made on a smaller budget, but reports for the production costs of the film vary from $12 million all the way up to $20 million. It seems the film will need to rely on international sales to pick-up some steam and hopefully its second outing in Russia won’t see significant drops.

You and I stars Mischa Barton in the role of Lana Starkova opposite Shantel VanSanten and Anton Yelchin. The film was directed by Roland Joffe with appearances by Russian girl-group t.A.T.u.

As an aside, Russian media is reporting that You and I has found a US distributior and that the film should be launched by mid-Spring. It’s unclear if they are planning a theatrical release or a straight-to-DVD roll out.

Box office numbers courtesy Kinometro.

3 Responses

Caleb Says:

Another one bites the dust. Hopefully it will at least come to dvd here, although I”m not expecting much, it seems to have gotten bad reviews. Let’s hope Don’t Fade Away and Bhopal will be released

ij Says:

this film seems to have a problematic history. I heard it was filmed 3 years ago. She seems to have some bad luck with certain films .

Caleb Says:

That she does. This as well as 2 other films were filmed and have yet to be released (well, except for this, as it was premiered a little while ago). I think that’s when she put off doing a lot of movies, probably discouraged.

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